Operations Division

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 The primary goal of the Operations Division is to provide a safe and efficient roadway system. The Division provides routine maintenance, preventative maintenance, and emergency response services for approximately 3,100 miles of roadway. This includes traffic signal maintenance, manufacture and erection of traffic signs, installation of roadway striping, and repairs to pavement, bridges and drainage structures.

A sizeable portion of our programmed activities (concrete replacement, cracksealing, asphalt overlay, and surface sealing) is performed by outside contractors, with the remainder being completed by County forces. Preventive maintenance programs such as sealcoat, and crackseal provide timely repairs to roads and bridges and prevent more costly deterioration.

The Division also provides high priority emergency response for snow removal and flooding situations.

St. Louis County Department of Transportation
Operations Division
11201 Schaefer Drive
Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043

(314) 615-1111