Oppressive Symbols

St. Louis County has established a dedicated email in-box for residents who wish to express their concerns with potentially racially oppressive street and park names, statues, symbols, paintings and other depictions owned by the County. All communications submitted to this email address – [email protected] – will be reviewed by a task force of local historians, academics, community leaders and St. Louis County staff now being formed by County Executive Sam Page to identify and offer remedies to those statues, street and park names, paintings and other St. Louis County-owned depictions determined to be oppressive. Residents are strongly encouraged to use the new email address to share their concerns and views with St. Louis County.

Before you submit the form, please be advised that this form and any other communication may be considered an open record pursuant to the Sunshine Law, Chapter 610 RSMo. St. Louis County may be required to release this form as well as other communications as a matter of law upon request by any member of the public, including the media.

However, for us to be able to contact you to begin a dialogue about an oppressive symbol an email address needs to be provided.