County Employment Process

Employment at St. Louis County

St. Louis County Government has a merit-based personnel system. We are looking for individuals with diverse and special talents who are interested in serving our community. 

Individuals who can demonstrate a willingness to learn and continuously improve their skills are encouraged to participate in the competitive process required to become a County merit employee.

We have provided this information about the County's hiring process for merit employees to supplement the information provided in Job Opportunity Announcements. It is subject to change without advance notice; however, we have made every effort to keep this information as up-to-date as possible. Good luck in your job search!  

How Vacancies Are Filled

St. Louis County departments decide how to fill their positions. They are typically filled one of three ways: 

  • Open Competitive Examination - Open to current employees and external candidates. Positions may be filled from an eligibility list that already exists, or new recruitment may be undertaken.
  • Non-Competitive Promotion - Posted within the department for current employees only. May be limited to a particular division or work group. Five or fewer qualified applicants are expected to apply. Posted for each opening.
  • Competitive Promotion Examination - Posted within the department for current employees. May be limited to a particular division or work group. More than five qualified applicants are expected to apply. May be posted for each opening or multiple vacancies may be filled from one eligibility list.    

If a department intends to open a position to employees only and an acceptable list does not exist, the department creates and posts a Job Vacancy Notice or the Division of Personnel creates a promotional Job Opportunity Notice to announce the position. Current employees may apply through the department's personnel office or the Division of Personnel by filling out a paper application or completing an application via the Intranet.

If the department decides to invite external candidates to apply, the Division of Personnel sends a list of the top candidates if a list currently exists. If the position is Open Competitive Continuous and applicants are already in the files, they are tested (if applicable) and interviewed for addition to the eligibility list. If new applications are sought, the Division of Personnel recruits applicants a variety of ways, including:

  • Posting the position on St. Louis County's Website,
  • Placing the position on St. Louis County's Job Hotline, 314-615-JOBS.
  • Posting the position with the Missouri Division of Workforce Development.
  • Placing an ad in a local or newspaper, magazine or journal.
  • Placing an ad on another website.
  • Sending notifications to colleges and/or professional organizations.
  • And many, many more.
Methods of Application
  • Apply for the position you are interested in by the deadline date to ensure consideration. MAKE SURE YOU READ THE MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU APPLY. There are three methods to apply: On our website. Complete the online application; then apply for the position(s) for which you think you're qualified.
  • Call 314-615-JOBS. You can learn of positions we are actively recruiting for 24 hours a day. Write down the exact name of the position. Press zero during office hours or call 314-615-5429 and we'll send you an application for a specific job title.
  • Walk-in. We're located at 41 South Central Avenue in Clayton, Missouri on the 7th floor. Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday. 
Position Requirements

Make sure you read the minimum requirements in the Job Opportunity Announcement before you apply and state your related qualifications on the application. Resumes are not an acceptable substitute. Leave as few blanks as possible and account for all periods for at least ten years. 

Evaluation Process

The evaluation method is always identified in the Selection and Appointment section of the Job Opportunity Announcement. The evaluation is designed to assess the applicants' job related knowledge, skills and abilities. Successful completion of the evaluation process is necessary to be considered for the job. Oral interviews comprise the majority of the testing; some positions require performance and/or written exams. 

Notification Information

The Division of Personnel will notify you through U.S. mail, by phone or sometimes, e-mail, of the date and location of the evaluation. If you are interested, you are expected to call the number provided to set up an appointment. The interview letter also includes important information on location and parking for the interview as well as documentation required by the Federal Government for employment in the United States.

Occasionally, the Division of Personnel may send letters to applicants on the eligibility list to determine if they are still interested in employment for that particular type of position. Applicants are expected to return the completed form to the Division of Personnel within seven (7) days.

If your address and or phone numbers change, you are expected to keep us informed. Call our receptionist at 314-615-5429 to provide the new information. Employees are with active applications are expected to keep us informed as well. Changing your information through your department for payroll purposes does not update our applicant records.

Job Offers

External candidates offered positions will be expected to submit to a substance abuse screen. All offers are contingent upon successful completion of this step. 

If You Are Not Selected

If you are not selected, your name will remain on the eligibility list to be considered for positions with those specifications for at least six months or three unsuccessful considerations, whichever comes first.