St. Louis County Bonding Office

The Bonding Office is located on the street level of the St. Louis County Justice Center Building at 100 South Central Ave in downtown Clayton. 

The office is open year round, 24 hours a day, for your convenience.

The type of bonds that can be posted in order to obtain the release of persons in custody are described below.  With the exception of Recognizance Bonds there is a $20 fee per each case number that has a bond amount set.

Appearance Bonds

Allows you to post bond for a person who is being held as a suspect for up to 24 hours. You or your attorney, will need to indicate to the bonding officer that you wish to post an appearance bond. The bonding officer will contact the duty judge who will set a bond amount. Cash, property, or professional bond may be utilized to post an appearance bond unless the duty judge specifies otherwise.

Cash Bonds

Require the posting of the full amount of the bond in the form of cash, money order or cashier's check. No credit cards or personal checks are accepted. After the case is closed by the court, the money is refunded to the arrested party, not to the person posting the bond. Therefore, you should never post a cash bond unless you know you can recover your money from the arrested party.
To obtain a refund of bond money after the case is closed, the arrested party must take the bond receipt to the second floor, Room 206, in the County Courthouse if it is a State case. For Municipal cases, once the case is disposed of, the defendant will receive a refund within two weeks minus any fees or court costs.
In St. Louis County, 10% cash bonds are not automatic. Approval for the posting of 10% cash bonds must be obtained from the court. Contact your attorney for court approval of 10% cash bonds.

Professional Bonds

Must be made by a professional bondsman. Professional bondsmen are not government employees, but are independent business persons. They will charge you a percentage of the bond amount and secure the rest of the bond with their own assets. These businesses are listed in the Yellow Pages under the heading "Bail Bonds" or you may obtain a list of qualified bondsmen by coming to the Bonding office.

Property Bonds

Involve the posting of real estate located in the State of Missouri in order to secure the release of the arrested party. An arrested party may not use his or her own property. A person can post a property bond provided that they are 21 years old, a reputable person, a Missouri resident, and provided that they meet the other requirements as stated on the General Qualification Form that each person posting property bond must sign. In order to post a property bond, you need to bring the following documents:

  • A document from your mortgage holder showing the outstanding loan balance. If the property is free and clear, bring the Deed of Release, the Deed of Trust marked "Paid" or the Certificate of Title. A General Warranty Deed is not acceptable.
  • Your paid real estate tax receipt for the previous year. During 2005 for example, you would need to bring the 2004 receipt.
  • All owners named on the tax receipt must be present to sign the bond. If one of the owners is deceased, you must bring a copy of the death certificate.

If you are unable to locate your paid tax receipt, you may obtain a copy from the Collector of Revenue in St. Louis County or St. Louis City during regular business hours.

The bonding officer will determine the amount of equity that may be used for posting bond. The bonding officer will also assist in the preparation of the General Qualification Form.

Recognizance Bonds 

Involve the release of an arrested party on his or her promise to appear in court. Recognizance Bonds must be approved by the Intake Service Center staff and the courts. Contact your attorney for the court's approval.