Direct Supervision  

St. Louis County Direct Supervision Program

Direct Supervision Management Philosophy

This management style, used in the general population housing areas, is unlike the traditional linear jail style.  We place our Corrections Officers directly within the inmate living area, or pod, and provides the officer immediate visual observation and continual interaction with each of the inmates.

This constant, proactive monitoring of the inmates allows the officer to deal with problems before they get out of hand. In addition, direct supervision enables the officer to communicate expectations of behavior, provide the incentive for positive behavior and hold inmates personally accountable when they violate rules. 

Direct Supervision jails have proven to be more secure and a safer environment for inmates and staff, reducing violence and vandalism by as much as 80%.  


  • Higher level of safety and security for inmates and staff
  • Constant monitoring increases inmates accountability for their actions
  • Fewer assaults on staff and inmates and damage to jail property
  • Positive Behavior is reinforced in inmates
  • Positive behavior equals privileges
  • Negative behavior equals loss or removal of privileges

Inmates requiring disciplinary action due to disruptive behavior or violating rules will be removed from the direct supervision housing areas.  Direct supervision provides a cleaner, quieter, and much safer jail facility.