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Municipal Matrix

The Department of Public Works, by County Charter, is responsible for code enforcement of County ordinances that regulate building construction within the unincorporated areas of St. Louis County.

Located within St. Louis County are also 90 Municipalities. Since the mid-1950's, the Department of Public Works has offered code enforcement services by contract to these Municipalities. Each Municipality contracting with St. Louis County maintains Zoning Enforcement responsibility at their local level.

Public Works currently provides quality code enforcement services in some capacity to almost all of the 90 municipalities. These matrices show the services currently being performed for the various municipalities within St. Louis County.

Municipal zoning approval must be obtained before St. Louis County will issue a Building or Land Disturbance Permit for proposed work within Municipalities that contract for Building Code, Residential Code, Existing Building Code, and/or Land Disturbance Code Enforcement.

A completed standard Municipal Zoning Approval Form, or a customized Municipality's Zoning Approval Form having the same format & content, together with stamped approved site plans (unless interior work) signed by the Municipal Zoning Official must be submitted to St. Louis County to verify zoning approval.

Public Works is interested in promoting uniformity of construction regulations throughout the entire area because we are convinced that uniformity and consistency in building code enforcement will result in better construction quality and attract more industry and businesses to the region.