Revenue COVID-19 Message

Dear Customers,


 For the time-being, our services will only be available on-line or by email.  We have temporarily eliminated in-person and telephone contact services because of COVID-19 concerns.  You may still obtain the most requested information and services from the Collector of Revenue, as well as the County Assessor, through the following:

You may also reach the Collector of Revenue by email at [email protected].

Visit the Recorder of Deeds home page to find out how to utilize our third party providers (additional fees will apply) for ordering a copy of your marriage license or deed or choose to download the paper form to order directly from us without additional charges.

Marriage licenses are issued by appointment only. Please visit to make your appointment to apply for a marriage license.

Division of Licensing at to find out how to apply for many licenses via mail.

[email protected]

here, at

Assessment-related questions can be found here, at  You may also reach the Assessor with regard to business declarations by email at [email protected].

Recorder of Deeds Division



Please let us know if you have recently applied for/have been issued a marriage license, but are not able to solemnize your marriage within 30 days after the issue date due to the impact of the coronavirus COVID-19.

We will reissue your marriage license at a later date at no cost to you.

Please contact our offices at 314/615-7102 or 314/615-7103 or send an email to [email protected] and provide the names of both parties, the marriage license number and your contact information.


Duties and Responsibilities of the Recorder of Deeds

We record and file documents of writing affecting real property or personal property, subdivision plats, federal and state tax liens, and other instruments of writing. We also issues marriage licenses. All recorded documents are available for public research. 

The Division is organized by function:

  1. Document Copies / Research
  2. Document Recording
  3. Federal and State Liens
  4. Marriage License
  5. Subdivision Plats

Recorded deeds are available through 1974. You have several options available to conduct research. 

Please select deed search remote access solutions to get started.

Our Customer Service Pledge
Provide a clean, safe and inviting facility.
Listen to inquires and respond within three business days.
Ensure an actual person is reached during business hours.
Deliver prompt, friendly and efficient service.
Gather feedback from our customers to monitor and improve our level of service.
Excel at providing outstanding Customer Service.

Gerald E. Smith | Recorder of Deeds

Contact Us

Address: Lawrence K. Roos Building Recorder of Deeds
41 South Central Avenue
Clayton, MO 63105-1799

(The Recorder of Deeds Division is located on the fourth floor of the Lawrence K. Roos County Government Building.)
Phone Numbers:
Recorded Information - 24 hour recorded information
Recorder of Deeds
(314) 615-7100
Marriage License
(314) 615-7100
Recorded Information (314) 615-7180
(314) 615-7100
Recorded Information (314) 615-7182
Email: [email protected]
visit the Contact Us page.
Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Marriage License is open until 6:00 pm on Tuesday and Thursday.