COAD Code Chapter 803.010

Coin Gaming Devices | License Process

Pinball machines, marble machines, music vending machines, and any other devices operated by the insertion of a coin, disc, or other token, whether or not also manipulated by the operator, and which operates for the amusement of the operator, whether or not by registering a score, will require a license for each machine. This does not include any billiard or other table upon which balls and cues are used nor any vending machines of service, food, confections, or merchandise. Separate licensing is required.

Instructions for Application for Licenses for Coin Operated Amusement Devices and Machines

A COAD application requires the number of Coin Operated Amusement Devices to be licensed. The cost is $10.00 per sticker with a $3.00 fee per application, i.e. 1 license = $13.00, 2 licenses = $23.00. See sample below. Make check payable to the Director of Revenue.

1 cent DEVICE ONLY __________ License @ $ 5.00 = $ .00
OVER 1 cent __________ License @ $10.00 = $ .00
Fee for issuance of Licenses(s) $3.00

On the reverse side of the application or on a separate page attach a schedule indicating the type, model number, and serial number of each machine for which you have requested a license.

COAD stickers must be obtained annually following the above procedure.

View a list of the various types of Amusement Licenses issued by the License Division and the cost.