Peddler/Commercial Solicitor/Street Vendor License Requirement

Peddlers, Solicitors, and Street Vendors in St. Louis County are required to obtain a license in the name of the individual in order to sell merchandise or take orders. Licenses are valid for a period of six (6) months from the date of issuance.

Peddler - Any individual who deals in the selling of goods, wares, or merchandise from stock with him or her going from place to place selling this merchandise or wares within the unincorporated area of St. Louis County.

Solicitor - Any individual in the unincorporated area of St. Louis County traveling by foot, automobile, or any type of conveyance from house to house or place to place or positions near street corners, public assembly or congregation, or located near or on the right of way of a roadway for the purpose of:

  • Soliciting property or financial assistance,
  • Selling or offering for sale articles, tags, services emblems, publications, tickets
  • Taking or attempting to take orders for goods, wares, books, charts, maps, magazines, or other merchandise for future delivery or services to be furnished or performed then or in the future.

Street Vendor - An individual who engages in the sale of food or beverages from a motor vehicle in the unincorporated area of St. Louis County.

This includes individuals in the business of vending or peddling ice cream, frozen desserts, sherbets, ices, or other retail food or beverages.

NOTE: If a vendor is selling food that is not pre-packaged, the Street Vendor's License requires a health permit in addition to the vending license.

For more information regarding the above noted licenses, please contact the License Division at 314/615-4217 or see the online instructions.

Instructions for Application for Peddler/Solicitor/Street Vendor Licenses

All applicants must fill out an application and furnish two 2" x 2" identical pictures of the applicant, regardless of the type of license applied for. The pictures must be front facial shots above the shoulder, showing the entire head. No sunglasses, hats or other obstructing outerwear.

Each applicant must furnish detailed personal information on the application as well as information on the business on whose behalf the individual is peddling/soliciting or street vending, a description of the peddling/soliciting/street vending operation, and a description of the vehicle used for street vending (if applicable).

The applicant must take the completed, notarized application and both photos to the Licensing Office in order to receive the forms and instructions for the background check by the St. Louis County Police. The St. Louis County Police Record is located in the St. Louis County Police headquarters (building adjacent to the Roos Building, where the Licensing Office is located).

Applicants with a satisfactory record check may return to the Licensing Office to pay the license fee and receive their license. Applications with an unsatisfactory background check will be subject to individual review by the Licensing Manager at a later time, after the record room has returned the background check form to the Licensing Office.

Group Processing

In order to allow for sufficient processing time, group applications for five (5) or more applicants must be submitted by a company representative at least 24 hours in advance of the desired issue date. Completed and notarized applications for each individual should be faxed to 314/615-5125 or emailed [email protected].

After the applications have been received, the company's representative will be contacted with a date for bringing the group to the Licensing Office.

When the group arrives, the original application and two 2”x 2” photographs must be presented for individual applicant. The company representative will be provided with the background check forms and instructions to distribute to the group accordingly. Upon completion of the record check, the representative must collect and return all forms to the Licensing Office. Applicants with approved record checks will receive their license after all fees have been paid.


Peddler: $43.00 from a vehicle, $9.00 on foot
Solicitor: $13.00
Street Vendor: $28.00


Licenses are valid for six (6) months from the date of issuance, and cannot be renewed. If another license is desired, the licensing process must be repeated.