Petition for Exemption

Filing a Petition



Getting Started

To request exemption from property taxes, the proper form must be completed and required documentation submitted to the Board of Equalization.

Upon receipt of the information, the Assessor’s Office will review the property, determine the activities of the organization, and confirm the use of the property. A written report is then submitted to the Board of Equalization.

The Board will consider all information regarding the petition and determine if the use of the property meets the qualifications for exemption as stated in RSMo 137.100. 

All outstanding property taxes must be paid under protest (indicate paid under protest in the memo field of your check and on a letter to accompany any payment) for the years the exemption is requested before the Board will consider the exemption.

In some instances, the petitioner will be requested to attend the hearing to provide specific information to the Board, and to further explain the operation of the organization and the use of the property.

If you have any questions regarding the petition, please contact the Board of Equalization office at (314) 615-7195.

Procedures and Form for Petition for Exemption