Residential and Commercial Property Owners

Our office is in the process of identifying property owners that were displaced due to flood damage. This information will be used to make adjustments to property values to ensure accurate values for the current year.

Below you will find the “Disaster Area Questionnaire for Reassessment”. Complete the form in its entirety and return it to our office by May 1st for review.

Residential and Agricultural Property Owners (pdf)

Note: Residential property owners should complete this form only if they were not able to live in thier home because of damage sustained during the flooding in December.

Commercial Property Owners (pdf)

Note: While the law allows for some relief to residential property owners due to natural disasters, it does not specifically grant the same relief to commercial property owners. Still, it is our intent to do everything the law permits to be fair to commercial property owners under the circumstances.

Our team extends to you our deepest sympathy for the damage that occurred to your property and any stress that has caused. If you have questions regarding this process, or need to speak with a member of our team, feel free to contact us.

  • Residential Property Owners: 314-615-4230
  • Commercial Property Owners: 314-615-4968