Construction Division


The Construction Division inspects and supervises the work on Saint Louis County Public Roadway Right-of-Way performed by private contractors. Roadway related work is performed under contracts let by the Department of Highways and Traffic or by contractors for developers of subdivisions or commercial developments. The Division also provides survey services for the contract projects and other Divisions or County Departments. The Materials Testing Laboratory Provides testing and quality control for the materials used for County roadway work.

The items of roadway related work inspected include the streets, storm sewers within the roadway right-of-way, bridge and culvert construction, roadway items such as barricades and street sign installation, construction materials and survey monument verification.

Construction Division personnel inspect all work performed within the public road right-of-way requiring the issuance of special use permits.

The Construction Division has five Sections. These are Project Inspection North, South and Central; Materials Testing and Surveys. A staff and clerical organization provides support for the various areas of the Division. The Materials Testing Laboratory is certified by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).


St. Louis County Department of Highways & Traffic
Construction Division
11295 Schaefer Drive
Maryland Heights, Missouri 63043

(314) 615-1150