Department of Highways & Traffic

About This Department

With more than 3,100 lane miles of road and street pavement and more than 184 bridges to maintain, Saint Louis County's Department of Highways and Traffic is Missouri's second largest caretaker of public roadways, exceeded only by the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

In addition to its administrative offices and parking garage operations at 1050 North Lindbergh, Missouri, the Department maintains five Maintenance Districts; the Operations Division Headquarters on Schaefer Drive; the Division of Construction Headquarters, Materials Testing Lab and Survey Section on Schaefer Drive, and the Traffic Operations Building on Adie Road.

From these locations, under the leadership of Acting Director Stephanie Leon Streeter, P.E. the Department's 475 employees perform literally hundreds of duties necessary to ensure the smooth function of its road, bridge and sidewalk system, which encompasses the entirety of unincorporated Saint Louis County and designated arterial roads in incorporated communities. On a daily basis the Department oversees multi-million dollar road construction projects, patches potholes, plows snow, surveys streets, mows grass, monitors and assigns repair priority for road surfaces, designs and erects electric traffic signals, manages personnel records, assembles the annual operating budget, keeps County Government's 3,600-plus fleet of motor vehicles and small engine equipment functioning, repairs bridge decks, constructs new sidewalks and driveway approaches, installs traffic signs, designs complex new road construction plans and oversees parking garage operations for more than 2,400 vehicles.

Additional information on projects and programs planned or currently being carried out by Saint Louis County's Department of Highways and Traffic can be found on this Web page.

St. Louis County Department of Highways & Traffic
1050 N. Lindbergh Boulevard
Saint Louis, Missouri 63132