Community Corrections

The Community Corrections division is intended to provide the Court with alternatives to secure confinement for persons who do not represent a serious threat to public safety. This division operates and supervises the Electronic Home Detention Program (EHD) , the Community Center for Alternative Programs (CCAP), the Probation Supervision Unit (PSU) and the Municipal Mental Health Court (MMHC) .

Electronic Home Detention (EHD)

Phone: (314) 615-4EHD OR (314) 615-4343

The EHD Program allows participants to serve all or some portion of their pre-trial and/or sentenced time at home. Participants are monitored electronically and are confined to their home, except when an EHD staff approves a schedule that may include attendance at work, school, or counseling. To insure compliance, the participant is equipped with an electronic bracelet in order to allow monitoring. Also available are cellular units for individuals who do not have land line telephones. Staff will have drive by surveillance units that will be able to detect if a participant is at his place of employment, school, etc. The EHD staff will be alerted to any tampering of the unit or if the participant is not within the required distance of the monitoring device. The courts, prosecuting attorney, and probation officer (if applicable) will be notified of any serious rule violations.

EHD Participant Rule Book (pdf)

EHD Contract Agreement (pdf)

DJS Pre-trial Release Supervision Program

Phone: (314) 615-4738

The DJS Pretrial Release Supervision Program is an alternative to incarceration and provides offenders that are initially unable to post bail, the opportunity to be interviewed to determine eligibility for release from jail under a supervised program. DJS Community Corrections Case Managers will utilize validated risk assessments for bondable felony and misdemeanor charges. The Court, prosecuting attorney and defense attorneys have approved this program. The DJS Pretrial Release Supervision Program will parallel the EHD Program. Our goal is to assist the offender in getting to court (by reminding them to attend), attend any recommended treatment programs and successful adjudication of their cases to return the offender back to society. For information about the DJS Pretrial Release Supervision Program, please contact 314-615-4738.

Division of Alternative Community Services

Phone: (314) 615-4770

Alternative Community Service Program (ACSP) - Program Fee: $60.00
This program places offenders with non-profit agencies to perform free services in lieu of or in conjunction with other traditional sentencing conditions.

Defensive Driving Course (DDC) - Program Fee: $55.00
This program is a court ordered program that defendants are required to complete.
Classes are offered on Wednesday evenings and all day on Saturdays.

Probation Supervision Unit (PSU) - Program Fee: $200.00 
This unit performs pre-sentence investigations, drug and alcohol evaluations, post- sentence evaluations and supervision for over 4,000 probationers.

Additional Program Fees:

  • Pre-sentence Investigation: $110.00
  • Department of Justice Services Evaluation or Drug and Alcohol Evaluation: $100.00



    Municipal Mental Health Court (MMHC)

    Phone: (314) 615-5698

    The purpose of the Mental Health Court is to address the concerns of the mentally ill who are involved in the criminal justice system.

    DJS SCRAM (Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor)

    Phone: (314) 615-4770

    The St. Louis Co. Department of Justice Services SCRAM Program includes an ankle bracelet, worn around-the-clock, that samples an offender’s perspiration continuously in order to ensure compliance with court-ordered sobriety. This allows participants to continue being productive members of society. To insure compliance, the DJS SCRAM staff will be alerted to any tampering of the unit or if alcohol use is detected. The courts, prosecuting attorney, and probation officer (if applicable) will be notified of any violations. In order for an individual to participate in this program, they must be court ordered into the DJS SCRAM Program. For information about the DJS SCRAM Program, please contact (314) 615-4770.



    DVIP (Domestic Violence Impact Panel)

    Domestic violence can leave lifelong emotional scars on the individual, their relationships and family.  Many domestic violence offenders were victims themselves and, by learning about victimization and confronting it, they begin to understand the importance of their role in breaking the cycle of violence.  The two hour course may include service providers for victims and offenders of domestic violence.  Our goal is to educate the public and assist our community to: 


  •   Help offenders create empathy, accountability, and understand the impact of their behavior on victims and their community.  

  • Inform offenders of domestic violence resources to help them seek out assistance from agencies that support healthy lifestyle choices and risk of repeating illegal behavior.

  • Create a safe forum for victims to express their personal experiences and educate them about the physical, emotional, spiritual and financial consequences of domestic violence. 
  •   Develop partnerships between service providers, justice professionals and the community to provide education and awareness about domestic violence.



    To pre-registration for a DVIP class, please contact: (314) 615-8413 or (314) 615-8224

        **YOU MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR DVIP (Domestic Violence Impact Panel) and VIP (Victim Impact Panel) classes. Click below for current class offerings:



    DVIP Class Schedule


    VIP Class Schedule