ADA/Disability Issues

 The Saint Louis County Government ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Coordinator, located in the Department of Administration, guides County government to ensure that persons with disabilities have access to all its programs, services, activities, and employment process. If a person doing business with County government needs to request an accommodation for program accessibility, he or she should make that request directly to the department providing the program.

If that same person has a complaint about accessibility, he or she may want to complete an ADA Grievance form attached to the County ADA Grievance Policy and Procedures PDF | Plain Text. The completed form should be addressed to:

St. Louis County ADA Coordinator

Department of Administration

Division of Personnel

41 S. Central Avenue, 7th Floor

St. Louis, MO 63105

Voice (314) 615-5429

Fax (314) 615-7703

TTY (314) 615-5889

The County ADA Coordinator works closely with the Department ADA Coordinators, the Saint Louis County Commission on Disabilities, and staff in every department of County government in order to understand and meet the needs of person with disabilities as they interact with County Government.

The Commission on Disabilities Transporation Committee commissioned the following survey of accessible transportation available to St. Louis County residents PDF

Saint Louis County Access & Functional Needs Registry
The Saint Louis County Access & Functional Needs Registry allows people with physical, cognitive, or age-related conditions to communicate with emergency responders that they may need additional assistance during a disaster. Information is confidential and stored in a secured database. During a disaster, emergency responders will use the data for planning and response purposes. Learn more about the Saint Louis County Access & Functional Needs Registry