Division of Procurement

The Division of Procurement in the Department of Administration is responsible for providing the necessary equipment, services and supplies at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality needed to meet the requirements of all offices and departments within St. Louis County Government.

Our goal is maximum value for each dollar expended, and to be accountable in providing innovative and high quality services in an economical, fair, professional, courteous manner, and to enhance and protect the safety of the County. 

It is the policy of the Division of Procurement that all agents must be free of any and all obligations to actual or potential suppliers and contractors, and must remain beyond challenge or reproach in all business transactions. As public servants with fiduciary responsibilities for expenditure or public funds, the St. Louis County Division of Procurement Agents are expected to avoid potential conflicts of interest and situations that might give the appearance of a conflict of interest.

They must refrain from soliciting gifts, gratuities, favors, or any services or items of value from contractors or suppliers or potential contractors or suppliers. Any violation of this policy is a conflict of interest and the individual in violation is subject to penalties established by the County and applicable federal, state or local laws, statutes, or regulations.

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL VENDORS/BIDDERS regarding the County's electronic bid and quote system through Mercury Commerce

 For all bid opportunities (except road and bridge construction and professional services such as architecture and engineering) you must be a registered vendor with Mercury Commerce ( www.mercurycommerce.com) in order to submit bids or quotes electronically.

 Click here to view bidding opportunities.

 If you have any problems registering or viewing the Procurement site, please contact us at 314-615-7067.


Vendor Registration Quick Start Guide

Mercury Commerce Bidder How to Bid - Step by Step Instructions

How to Do Business with Us

View online St. Louis County's Purchasing Code Chapter 107 Revised Ordinance

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Division of Procurement
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St. Louis County Government
41 S. Central Avenue, 8th Fl.
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Phone: (314) 615-7067
Fax: (314) 615-0197

For County records, please contact the County Clerk at (314) 615-7171 or Records Management at (314) 615-3700, or Fax (314) 615-3730.

For General Services contact the following offices: 

  • Central Receiving/Shipping and Mail Room (314) 615-3289 or (314) 615-3282 at the Government Ctr. Complex, 41 S. Central Avenue 
  • Mail Services, Government Center Complex: (314) 615-3289 
  • Receiving/Shipping/Mail Services, 111 & 121 S. Meramec Complex: (314) 615-1732 
  • Courier Services: (314) 615-3282