Cooperative Procurement

St. Louis County has agreements with contractors to offer the County's pricing to other tax supported entities.  See the list below of contracts. The list can be sorted by clicking on the column headings. Click on the link to download a copy of the contract.
If you use the contract, our monthly report form is required. Download the report form, and follow the instructions on the form.

Cooperative Contracts List

Auto/Equip Glass Repl / RepairSafelite Fulfillment Farmers Dr.43235(800)800-2727Eric Ramsdell
Ready Mix ConcreteEastern Missouri Concretedocs/coop/20100547.pdf12525 Worthington Dr.63128(314)849-5800Jeff Stretch
Shredding & Disposal Conf RecordsShred It US JV LLC dba CDD LLCdocs/coop/20150088.pdf629 Lambert Pointe Dr63042(314) 595-5200Kevin Kuberski
Board Up ServicesDiamond H Acquisition Corporation Incdocs/coop/20120118.pdf4474 Acacia Road63025(314)651-0458Mike McNearney
Calcium Chloride PelletsIndustrial Soap Codocs/coop/20120124.pdf722 S. Vandeventer Ave63110(314) 241-6363Mark Shapiro
Liquid Calcium ChlorideMissouri Petroleum Products Co. LLCdocs/coop/20120133.pdf1620 Woodson Road63144(314) 991-2180Henry Schmitt
Gasoline Vapor Recovery System TestingSuperior Acquisition LLC dba Superior Equipment - A Sussex63143(314) 644-6000Kim Warner
Anti-FreezeProducts Plus Incdocs/coop/20150042 Anti Freeze.pdf13511 Northwest Industrial Dr.63044(314) 209-1154Ed Strickland
Automotive Parts - North, West, South and SouthwesternLowe Automotive Distribution Inc dba Eagle Automotive Distributorsdocs/coop/20120153.pdf1000 Camera Ave63126(314) 677-6795Keith Enger
Auctioneer ServicesWayne A Voss dba Action Auction Associatesdocs/coop/20120177.pdf913 Illinois Ave62278(618) 282-2682Wayne Voss
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