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Business Assistance Center


Saint Louis County Executive Charlie A. Dooley continues support of an initative by long time County Executive "Buzz" Westfall, creating the Business Assistance Center in April 2003 as an advocate for new and expanding business.

  •  Mission Statement
    "To advocate St. Louis County
     as a positive environment for the
     Business Community, to facilitate
     individual new developments or
     business expansions navigating
     through the zoning, plan review
     and permitting process."

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    Obtaining necessary plan approvals, permits and licenses to operate a business can be challenging. St. Louis County’s Business Assistance Center (BAC) provides a proactive approach to help business owners navigate these requirements.
    The BAC can facilitate pre-design project meetings with necessary St. Louis County departments to identify and account for various project requirements. This early planning can be critical in identifying project needs and potential pitfalls.

    Additionally, the Permit Application Center (PAC) provides business owners a tracking system for projects that cross department lines. The PAC will track the progress of all projects involving multiple departments including Public Works, Highways and Traffic, Health, Planning and Revenue. 


    The County is in the process of recruiting a new Business Assistance Manager. In the interim, we offer the following contact assistance: 

    Additional helpful contacts:

    •  For business license requirements contact Revenue at 314-615-5103
    •  For home based business and other zoning requirements contact Zoning at 314-615-2525.
    •  For business assistance loans and programs contact the Economic Council at 314-615-7663. 
    •  For Commercial Re-Occupancy contact Permits at 314-615-7866.
    •  For additional questions regarding construction or occupancy permits or zoning information, contact Public Works, Code Enforcement Division Assistant Manager at 314-615-7145, or by e-mail by clicking HERE.
    •  For questions pertaining to the permitting process including building permits, land disturbance and others contact the Permit Application Center at 314-615-4269
    •  For all other types of inquiries contact the County Information Desk at 314-615-5000 who will connect you to the appropriate department for assistance.