Amusement Center or Penny Arcade Code Chapter 627

Application Process | Steps to Follow

An Amusement Center and Penny Arcade is any establishment which provides five or more mechanical amusement devices for use or operation by the public in the unincorporated area of St. Louis County only.

Contact the License Division by phone or mail to request an Amusement Center or Penny Arcade Application. Submit a completed application along with an initial fee of $350.00 and all documents requested on the application.

Instructions for Amusement Center/Penny Arcade Applications

(New Applicants Only)

The application requests the correct legal name of the owner, i.e., Sole Ownership, Partnership, or a Corporation. (If owner is a Corporation, a copy of the State Certificate of Incorporation, a copy of the Articles of Incorporation, and all amendments to the original Articles or Incorporation will be required.) The DBA (Doing Business As), address, or business and mailing address will also need to be supplied.

A list of all owners, stock holders, officers, and operators (employees) will need to be supplied along with the address, birth date, sex, race, and social security number of each.

The application must be accompanied by accurately scaled and fully dimensional plans of the premises, showing the proposed location of the machines. The plans will be submitted to the Department of Public Works for approval. Also, furnish a copy of the lease or other document which indicates the terms under which the premises are occupied.

Enclose a payment of $350.00 for the initial application fee, no part of which is nonreturnable. Make check payable to the St. Louis County Director of Revenue.

The application must be completed in its entirety, signed and notarized.


This application will be referred to the Superintendent of Police, who shall investigate the character and fitness of the proposed operator(s) and any other persons listed as having an interest in the proposed license.