Hanley Road Corridor Study

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Study Area

1.8 mile stretch of Hanley Road from I-64 south to Laclede Station Road

Improvements to Interstate 64, the introduction of the Cross-County Metrolink extension, and multiple recent and planned developments are expected to alter the function and demand placed on Hanley Road. In response, The Saint Louis County Department of Highways & Traffic, in association with the cities of Brentwood, Maplewood, and Richmond Heights, have undertaken a study to develop a plan with a number of objectives. These objectives included the improvement of circulation around and within the study area, improvement of pedestrian access, the development of alternative concepts to address problems related to congestion, the provision of a consistent streetscape and the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

To help achieve these objectives, the study compiled a comprehensive assessment of current conditions and needs. Analysis of these factors, coupled with the pressures of development have brought to light the potential conditions and needs of the study area. Understanding these pressures, needs and conditions, both current and potential, is essential to the development of a plan for The Hanley Road Corridor.

The study concluded in May of 2004 with a final report recommending alternatives N7 and S2.

We are actively pursuing consultant services to proceed into the design phase of phase 1 of the project which is the south portion between Hanley Industrial Laclede Station Road. We are currently reviewing proposals for engineering services and expect to be under contract by January 15, 2007

For additional information on future Hanley Road Improvements, go to the "Hanley Road Improvements" website at www.hanleyroad.com .

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