Military-Overseas Absentee Voting Information

If you are a registered voter and expect to be deployed or temporarily living outside the United States on election day and wish to vote an absentee ballot, contact the St. Louis County Election Board.

By Mail: 12 Sunnen Dr., Suite 126, St Louis MO 63143

By Telephone: (314) 615-1933 or (314) 615-1890

By Fax: (314) 615-1998

To request an absentee ballot, complete a Federal Post Card Application. This applicaton is only valid for 1 Federal Election cycle, and must be updated each year.


  1. Opening date for voting absentee is the sixth Tuesday prior to an election.

  2. Last day to register for a particular election is the fourth Wednesday prior to an election.

  3. Last day an absentee ballot may be mailed to a voter is the Wednesday prior to an election.

  4. Deadline to return an absentee ballot is 7:00 p.m. the day of the election.

    Additional Election Information

  1. Someone requesting an absentee ballot for a primary election must specify a political party preference or they will be issued a non-partisan/issues only ballot.

  2. Active duty military, their spouses, dependents, and overseas voters are NOT required to have their signatures notarized.

  3. In extreme circumstances, a federal service voter may be eligible to fax or email their voted ballot to their election authority.
    In order to qualify, a voter must be residing within a specified hostile combat zone. For a list of these areas, check the following website: Missouri Secretary of State

  4. An Absentee Voting Guide for the Uniformed Services and U.S. Citizens Overseas, which includes instructions for completing the Federal Postcard Application, is available at the following website: Federal Voter Assistance Program.