Election Days

There are four statutory election dates each year. They are the first Tuesday after the first Monday in February, April, August and November. One week before each election our office will mail you a postcard giving the date of the election, the address of your polling place and the names of the registered voters in your household. Your polling place will open promptly at 6 a.m. and close at 7 p.m.

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Special Services for those with Disabilities

More than three fourths of our polling places are handicapped accessible and all locations have been supplied with one vote recorder seven inches below standard height to accommodate a wheelchair. If your polling place is not handicapped accessible you may vote on election day at our Maplewood office which is on ground level with reserved, handicapped parking. If you would like to use your own polling place but are unable to leave your car, a bi-partisan team of election officials will bring a vote recorder and ballot to you. If you are voting absentee because of illness or disability you do not have to have your affidavit envelope notarized.