Beginning April 4, 2006 we will no longer be providing labels.  We will continue to offer lists on CD-Roms.
All requests must be prepaid.

Data Processing Services Available to the Public

Voter lists are for election purposes only

To place an order

  • Mail us a written request or use the Order Request at link below along with payment or place the order in person (Telephone or Fax orders will be accepted)

  • Click here for "Order Request form"

  • Information that we will need to process your request

  • Your name and address (please print)
  • A daytime phone number
  • The district you are requesting

    It will take 1-2 days to fill the order.

  • You can pick up your order at #12 Sunnen Dr. in Maplewood
  • Orders CANNOT be sent electronically (email, ftp, etc)
  • Orders must be paid for by cash, check or money order, made out to the
    Treasurer of St. Louis County

    Registered Voters

    Countywide, district or township/precinct.  Listed by township/precinct name alpha or street alpha.  Registration time frame available.

    History of Election

    Specific Election.  Last 20 elections in library.  Countywide, district or township/precinct. Listed by township/precinct name alpha or street alpha.

    Annual History

    Last 5 years in Library.  Available countywide, district, or township/precinct.


    Click here to view a complete "Price Schedule" for services.

    Per §115.158.6 - Voter lists may be used for election purposes only and shall not be used for commercial purposes.

    For additional information on Election Information Services
    please call 615-1919