While-You-Wait Permits

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What Are "While-You-Wait" Permits?

"While-You-Wait" plan review is a service Public Works provides that allows our customers to apply for a simple permit and wait while the plans are reviewed. The review of the plans for Residential Construction is performed on a first come first served basis. On qualifying projects, the applicant can apply for and receive the permit in a short period of time. The review of the plans for most Commercial Construction is performed by appointment only.


The "While-You-Wait" service is conducted at our main office (Clayton) between the hours of 8:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. This service is also available to our residential customers from our Satellite Offices. For More information see our flyer titled [pdf] Residential While-You-Wait Services Available at Satellite Offices.

Residential While-You-Wait Permits

Applications for the following types of residential construction are generally accepted for "While-You-Wait" plan review (the links below will take you to descriptions of the building permit requirements for each type of construction project listed):


Applicants must submit four sets of plans drawn to scale. If your construction project is in a municipality, you must secure zoning approval from that municipality before submitting plans to St. Louis County Public Works. Property located in the unincorporated area of St. Louis County will be reviewed for zoning compliance by Public Works.

For more detailed information on the type of projects that do or do not qualify, see our flyer titled
[pdf] Residential While-You-Wait Building Permits.
Other While-You-Wait Permits

In addition to the above Residential permit types, applications for the following types of construction are also accepted for "While-You-Wait" plan review: