St. Louis County Jury Information
Duration of Service

Two groups of jurors are normally called for service each week (Monday and Wednesday). If your service begins on a Monday, service is usually for a minimum of 2 days. If your service begins on a Wednesday, service is usually for a minimum of 1 1/2 days. In the event Monday is a holiday and service begins on a Tuesday, only one group of jurors will be called for the week.

During your service, if you are selected to serve as juror for a trial, your service will be for the duration of the case. Jury trials in St. Louis County generally average 2 1/2 days but may be shorter or longer depending on the case. You will usually be given an idea of how long the trial is expected to take once you are assigned to a case.

Jurors are encouraged to bring work, reading material or other quiet activities to occupy their time while waiting for assignment. Electronic equipment (e.g. hand-held video games, radios, CD players, laptops with batteries) are allowed as long as the sound is turned off or to a low volume so as not to disturb the other jurors. Two televisions are available for viewing in the Jury Assembly Room.

There are newspaper vending machines as well as a few magazines. Drink and snack vending machines are also available. Although there is a change machine, it is best to be prepared with small bills and change.

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