Apr 28 2016

Weather Damage Forces Emergency Closure for Old Baumgartner Bridge in South St. Louis County

Exceptionally heavy rains this week that caused extensive damage to Old Baumgartner Road Bridge between Heintz Road and Burchmont Place in South St. Louis County have forced its closure beginning today at 4 p.m. Repairs will begin as soon as possible.

St. Louis County Department of Transportation inspectors have been regularly monitoring the span. They determined this afternoon that the structure’s concrete abutments – on which the bridge deck rests – have deteriorated to an unacceptable extent.

Tuesday’s heavy rains contributed to the problem. Powerful currents on Mattese Creek, over which the bridge passes, battered the bridge for hours, weakening the abutments.

“The creek’s water flow was exceptionally powerful and certainly contributed to the additional deterioration our personnel observed in the bridge’s concrete abutments earlier today,” Department of Transportation and Public Works Director Nick Gardner said.

Old Baumgartner Road Bridge is approximately 70 years old.    

Drivers may use Heintz Road and Baumgartner Road to circumvent the closure. 

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