Jul 27 2016

S. Eatherton Road Reopens

S. Eatherton Road reopened this morning between Wildhorse Creek Road and Centaur in West County.

The road is located in both Chesterfield and Wildwood.

Maintained by St. Louis County’s Department of Transportation, the road has been closed since late December, after violent rains caused a large shelf of earth to break loose from the hill immediately east of the road, near Lion’s Head Lane, and slide onto the pavement.

On July 5, a St. Louis County contractor began work on a project that will protect motorists in the event of future soil slides and the pavement obstructions these failures create. Extensive drainage was installed at the base of the hill, and a new driving lane built on the west side of S. Eatherton itself to permanently shunt traffic away from the hill.

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