Feb 07 2017

Personal Property Declaration Forms Now Available

Personal Property Declaration Forms Now Available
Individual, business and manufacturing declaration forms mailed across St. Louis County with March 1st deadline for completion; online filing available now

The St. Louis County Assessor has announced that personal property declaration forms have been mailed to all individual and business taxpayers currently registered with St. Louis County.

Personal property owners residing in St. Louis County on January 1, 2017, are required by state law to declare personal property, including any state-titled vehicles, boats, aircraft and livestock owned or under their control as of that day. The information on the declaration form is used to correctly prepare the personal property tax bills to be mailed later in the year. Property owners must return the form or file online – even if there has been no change in assets from the prior year. Under Missouri law, signed and dated personal property declaration forms must be received by the Assessor’s Office on or before March 1st or a penalty of up to $100 may be added to the tax bill.

In addition, online filing is available from February 1st through April 30th to individuals, businesses and manufacturers currently registered with St. Louis County. Online filing is free, you save the cost of mailing and you receive a confirmation that your declaration has been filed on-time. If filing online, there is no need to return the declaration by mail.

Visit the personal property declaration page at www.stlouisco.com to file online, for more information or to verify that your declaration has been received. Please allow 15 business days processing time from the date your declaration is mailed for your account to be updated.

If you are a new resident to St. Louis County and have not registered with our office, please complete the “New Resident” form located on the Assessor page at https://www.stlouisco.com/YourGovernment/CountyAssessor.

If you represent a business or are a manufacturer in St. Louis County, who has not registered with our office or has not received a “Business/Manufacturing Personal Property Declaration” form, please call our office at 314-615-5104.

Individual property owners who have not yet received their declaration by February 18th, have questions about their declaration or are requesting further assistance should contact the Assessor’s Office:

Individual Accounts: 314-615-5500
Business Accounts: 314-615-5104

Personal Property Declaration Press Release (PDF)

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