Feb 10 2017

County Executive Moves Jamestown Project Forward

With the future of the abandoned Jamestown Mall hung up in the St. Louis County Council, County Executive Steve Stenger has asked the St. Louis County Port Authority to use its powers under state law to acquire the remaining properties and have the site cleared.

“Area residents have suffered with this dangerous and ugly site long enough,” County Executive Stenger said. “We would have preferred to do this through the Council, but it is critical to keep this project moving. Using the Port Authority’s powers is the best way to proceed in a timely manner.”

The Port Authority currently has agreements with four of the five original owners of the Jamestown Mall properties. State law authorizes the Port Authority to conduct such negotiations and purchases.

“The clearance of the site is my priority,” Stenger said. “It is also of primary importance to the entire North County community.”

In his letter to Port Authority Executive Director Sheila Sweeney, the County Executive said any request for proposals must include minority contractor participation. 

As the process moves forward, the County Council will have extensive input and will be involved in approving zoning and various other Port Authority recommendations.

Stenger urged the Port Authority to act as quickly as possible.  “This site is an eyesore and safety risk in the community,” Stenger wrote.  “It has sat dormant for far too long.” 

Read the letter: Jamestown Mall Site letter.pdf

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