Apr 03 2017

County Property Owners Can Now View Preliminary Property Values

County Property Owners Can Now View Preliminary Property Values
Early data suggest increases in property values throughout the County;
Assessor’s Office review remains ongoing

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 St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman today announced that property owners in St. Louis County can view preliminary 2017 real property values for real estate located in St. Louis County. These values are not final and the Assessor’s Office anticipates revisions to many individual property values as the Assessor’s valuation review continues. Values will continue to be adjusted until July 1st, based on continuing review by appraisers, physical visits to thousandsof properties, and direct input from property owners.

“Although we continue to review and update property values, I believe it is very important for taxpayers to be able to see preliminary numbers as early as possible,” said Zimmerman. “We are encouraged by early numbers showing an increase in values across the County but we know there may be variances in some of our data so we encourage property owners to contact our office. The sooner a property owner lets us know if they have concerns about our opinion of value, the sooner we can investigate."

Based on the early data being made available today, the median change in value for residential properties throughout St. Louis County is approximately 7.3%. This compares favorably with a median change of approximately 2.3% across the County during 2015, the last reassessment year (percentage excludes new construction). These percentages are not necessarily reflective of any individual property or neighborhood. While the typical St. Louis County property has seen an increase in value, some individual properties and neighborhoods may see larger increases (or, in some cases, declines) relative to 2015-2016 values.

“Rising real estate values are great for our region,” said Zimmerman. “Unlike in previous reassessment cycles, the increase in real estate values is not just confined to specific neighborhoods or affluent parts of the community. We are seeing increases across the County. A rising tide lifts all boats and that is great news for all of St. Louis County.”

Under Missouri law, the Assessor’s Office is required to establish the fair market value of real property as of January 1st of each reassessment year (every odd-numbered year). In most cases,value is determined by using the physical characteristics of the property and analyzing the Sales Comparison, Income and/or Cost Approaches to value. The market value is set until the next reassessment cycle.

On July 1st, the Assessor will certify the tax roll, which means that any changes to value can only be made with approval of the St. Louis County Board of Equalization. Information regarding how to appeal property values, before the July 10th deadline, is included in this press release.


The Assessor’s Office encourages property owners to review their preliminary values online as soon as possible. All residential property owners will receive a Change of Assessment Notice in the mail even if their value has not changed. Property owners should expect to receive the Change of Assessment Notice beginning mid-May.

Property owners can view their 2017 preliminary values online at: https://revenue.stlouisco.com/ias

Any property owner that does not have computer or internet access, needs assistance or has questions after reviewing their preliminary value online, can contact the Assessor’s Office.

Residential property owners call: 314-615-4500
Commercial property owners call: 314-615-4984

Property owners of single-family residences will again have the option to schedule an informal conference with the Assessor’s Office to discuss any issues with their preliminary values. Our office encourages property owners to utilize this option because they will be able to meet one-on-one with an appraiser and likely have their issues resolved without the need for appeal.

To request an appointment for an informal conference, single-family property owners can call: 314-615-4595 beginning May 11th. Appointments are limited and to ensure property owners receive their preferred conference location, they are encouraged to call early. The Assessor’s Office cannot guarantee that residents will receive their preferred meeting location or
time but all attempts will be made to accommodate requests if time permits.

Saint Louis County’s Department of Revenue is offering the assistance of Property Owner Advocates to help residential property owners navigate their property value appeal – free of charge.

Property Owner Advocates are real estate professionals who contract with Saint Louis County during the appeal season to offer advice and guidance to residential property owners appealing the value of their property.

Advocate services can be requested by:
leaving a message on the advocate hotline at 314-615-4611;
sending an email to Advocate@stlouisco.com or

Detailed information on how to appeal property value during both, informal conferences with the Assessor’s office and the formal appeal to the Board of Equalization, can be found in the “Property Value Appeals” brochure and information outlining advocate services can be found in the “Property Owner Advocate” brochure. All Revenue brochures are featured online at https://revenue.stlouisco.com/Brochures/Default.aspx


Taxing authorities submit their projected tax rates to the St. Louis County Collector of Revenue, who then creates the Projected Tax Liability Notice with the provided information.

All residential property owners
will be mailed the Change of Assessment and Projected Tax Liability Notices.

Beginning May 11th, informal conferences for residential property owners can be scheduled by calling 314-615-4595 for the following locations:
South: May 24th – June 2nd at 9059 Watson Road, Crestwood, 63126
North: June 6th – June 14th at 715 Northwest Plaza Drive, 63074

All commercial property owners will receive Change of Assessment and Projected Tax Liability Notices.

On July 1, 2017, the Assessor will certify the 2017 Assessment Roll. This date is set by Missouri State law and cannot be changed. After this date, any property value appeals will have to go through the Board of Equalization.

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