Apr 11 2017

Public Health Radiology Services - RFP -2017-19-CL

Public Health  Radiology Services

This RFP presents the services and qualifications necessary of a Contractor for radiology services, to include x-ray reading services at our John C. Murphy Health center and the DPH Chest Clinic (provides care for tuberculosis patients) as outlined below. The Contractor of these services will report to the Health Centers Administrator in the Division of Public Health and Primary Care Integration. As noted below both the health center and the clinic are located at 6121 N. Hanley Road. In 2016 we provided radiology services for 696 patients. This included 330 chest x-rays, 77 x-rays of the spine, 35 x-rays of the trunk and 253 x-rays of upper and lower extremities. DPH is equipped with a PAC System – Merry X-Ray Corporation Linear MC150 as well as a radiology technologist housed at our John C. Murphy Health Center.

Public Health  Radiology Services - RFP -2017-19-CL
Addendum 1

05/02/2017, 2:00 p.m. Prevailing Central Time

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