May 18 2017

St. Louis County Executive Requests State Audit of Process For Procurement and Awarding of County Road and Bridge Contracts

St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger, in keeping with his commitment to openness and transparency in government, is asking Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway to conduct a comprehensive audit of St. Louis County’s process for procuring road and bridge contracts and the St. Louis County Council’s process for awarding such contracts.

“I’m asking State Auditor Galloway to examine the entire process,” Mr. Stenger said. “This includes how the County Department of Transportation prioritizes projects and recommends contracts, the role of the executive branch and the role of the County Council in approving and awarding contracts for road and bridge projects.”

“I ask that the audit be conducted in as timely a manner as possible because I am concerned that the role politics plays in the process may be putting public safety at risk,” Mr. Stenger said. “We are responsible for the safety of our residents. Part of that responsibility is ensuring an efficient, effective process for road and bridge contracts.”

He added, “Because I am a certified public accountant, I understand the importance of the state auditor’s work and her findings.”
The County Executive is requesting that the state conduct the audit because the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney is investigating whether the current County Auditor, Mark Tucker, who was recently hired by the County Council, actually meets the requirements of the county charter to hold that position.

The County Executive is also urging the County Council to join him in his audit request by resolution.

“We look forward to actively participating in the auditing process and reviewing any recommendations from the auditors,” County Executive Stenger said.

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