Oct 09 2017

Request for Letters of Interest for Professional Engineering & Bridge Inspection Services for Lewis Road Bridge No. 331 over the Union Pacific Railroad

Scope of Work:

The St. Louis County Department of Transportation (SLCDOT) is requesting the services of a well-qualified consulting engineering firm to perform bridge inspection services for the Lewis Road Bridge No. 331 over the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) in southwest St. Louis County. This structure was constructed in 1930 and is comprised of reinforced concrete T-beams, counterfort abutments, concrete intermediate multi-column bents, and a concrete deck. The current deck and superstructure ratings are “4” and the substructure rating is “3”. Therefore, this structure is classified as Structurally Deficient. Specific tasks required for this project include, but are not limited to the following:


·            Perform a thorough NBIS inspection on the Lewis Road Bridge No. 331.

·            Identify any immediate major maintenance to be performed and communicate these needs to SLCDOT.

·            Prepare a complete inspection report, including all pertinent supporting documentation, such as photographs, diagrams, written observations, etc.


Note that SLCDOT will not permit the use of large-scale specialty equipment for this bridge inspection, such as snooper trucks, etc.


Please review the Request for Letter of Interest for additional details and requirements.



October 20, 2017, 2:00 p.m. local time




Request_for_Letter_of_Interest_for_Lewis_Bridge_331_CR-1285(B).pdf (248.22 KB)
Lewis_Bridge_331_plans.pdf (4.15 MB)
Lewis_Br331_2017_inspection_report.pdf (294.59 KB)

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