Jun 29 2018


St. Louis County employees have spent the day working to clear roads in unincorporated sections of North County hardest hit by last night’s powerful storms. Crews will continue working over the weekend to clear debris from right-of-ways in the hardest-hit areas.

“Our Transportation crews have made significant progress helping County residents begin to get their lives back to normal,” said St. Louis County Executive Steve Stenger.  “We are taking a number of other steps and we’ll keep working in a variety of ways as long as necessary to help in recovery efforts.”

St. Louis County Transportation crews were on the job last night in hard-hit areas immediately after the storms cleared North County. At that time, numerous county-maintained roads were blocked by fallen trees and other debris.  The crews worked until 3:30 a.m. before resuming their efforts at 7 a.m. 

“At 7 a.m., there were 13 County roads still blocked with storm debris,” County Executive Stenger said.  “We pulled additional manpower from other County projects and, as of mid-afternoon, nine of those roads were cleared.  Work continues on the remaining four and they should be clear tonight.  It is a huge amount of work, but County residents deserve a quick response.”

Acting Transportation and Public Works Department Director Daniel Dreiseward says St. Louis County crews cannot clean up storm remnants from private property.  But they will remove debris that is in right-of-ways in hardest-hit areas.  

County officials are also now working with trash haulers that serve North County to place dumpsters in hardest-hit areas so that homeowners have a place to put debris as they clean up their properties.  In addition, 60 AmericaCorps volunteers will be in unincorporated North County tomorrow to help seniors and vulnerable residents clean up storm residue in their yards.
St. Louis County’s emergency cooling shelter at North County Recreational Complex, 2577 Redman Ave. (63136), remains open to all area residents.  A special cooling facility for pets is also available at the site.

“We are committed to helping those County residents who were impacted by the storm,” Stenger said.  “It will be a busy weekend for our employees.”

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