Feb 28 2013


St. Louis County Circuit Court
Probate Division
7900 Carondelet,  Fifth Floor
Clayton,  MO  63105
Released:   February 28, 2013


RE:  Migration to E-Filing - Please be Patient with Us!!

         Probate is one of the first departments that will migrate to e-filing in early 2014.  This will require some major changes in our procedures.  We have already started looking at how we operate and what the effect electronic filings will have on our operation.  It may take us slightly longer in processing matters as we prepare for e-filing so please be patient with us!


         One significant change that will go into effect on March 1, 2013, effects how you look at files at the court.  If the entire case has been scanned, it becomes an electronic case (E-Case) and the paper file will no longer be available for viewing.  We have two (2) public access terminals available for viewing these e-cases and they are located in the reception area.  A member of the File Department can assist you in accessing e-case files.  If you will be seeing a member of the staff, they will have access to these files from their computers.


         As of May 1, 2012, the court started scanning most documents for pending and new cases.  Any of these documents and e-cases are available for viewing on Case.Net if you are a registered e-filer.  If you have not yet registered, information on how to do so is available on the Missouri Judiciary webpage (www.courts.mo.gov) by clicking Electronic Filing from the Quick Links.


         We will keep you posted as more decisions are made and procedures changed.  Questions and comments can be directed to Gail Crane, Unit Manager, at (314) 615-2612, or gail.crane@courts.mo.gov


         Again, please be patient with us as we move towards e-filing!


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