Mar 08 2013

St. Louis County Government Academy - Accepting Applications Now

Now accepting applications for the St. Louis County Government Academy @

What is a Citizen’s Academy?

Have you ever wondered how County government prepares its budget or decides where to build a new road? Want to understand more about how County government really works?  The St. Louis County Government Academy is just for you!

The purpose of the St. Louis County Government Academy is to provide citizens the opportunity to receive an in-depth education about the services and operations of County government.

“The Citizen’s Academy is a training program to help promote informed and involved citizenship. It is a program designed to educate community residents; foster communication between residents and city government; and even encourage future city leaders.”—National League of Cities

Participants will “graduate” with a greater understanding of government operations; they will learn about the relationship between citizens, the County Council and Executive Administration.  They will also learn how and why projects are undertaken and the manner in which services are provided, as well as receive an overview of the budget planning process, the development review process, the transportation planning process and many other responsibilities and functions of County government.

Why Participate in Citizen’s Academy?

  • To get a better understanding of what County  government does.
  • To increase citizen awareness, interest and participation in County government.
  • To develop an understanding of citizens’ role in County government.
  • To provide an opportunity for citizens to become involved in civic democracy and to see how tax dollars work to improve quality of life for all residents.
  • To provide an inside look at the operations of the County government system.

Structure of the Academy

Each class will be conducted by Directors or senior management staff and will provide an interactive learning experience through which presenters and participants learn from each other using case studies, site tours, group discussion, as well as hands‐on experience.

  • Approximately thirty (30) students per class; additional classes may be scheduled depending on community interest.
  • Approximately 8 sessions, approximately two hours each
  • Attendance at one (1) additional public meeting
  • Classes will be held on a weekday evening. Locations will vary. Participants will hear from representatives of a variety of County departments.
  • Upon successful completion of the classes, a diploma will be presented by the County Executive during a County Council meeting.
  • The Citizen Academy is free to the participants.

Who Can Participate?

Applicants must be 18 years of age and a resident of St. Louis County, Missouri. County residents interested in civic participation or increasing their knowledge about local government operation can apply online; first come, first served. There is no fee for the program. Class size is limited to 30 participants; those not selected for a particular session will be put on a wait list of an upcoming session.

For more information, call 314.615.7016 or email

(Note: Online registration opens March 8, 2013 @

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