Jan 29 2014

Notice to Attorneys - Divisions 46 and 47 Changes

St. Louis County Circuit Court
Released:  January 29, 2014



      Divisions 46 and 47 are in the process of scanning all pending court case files in preparation for eFiling. 


          Effective February 3, 2014, the Commissioners and clerks will be working from the scanned documents in lieu of the paper case file.  All new filings and documents received by the Circuit Clerk’s Office for Divisions 46 and 47 will be scanned into the Judicial Information System (JIS) by court personnel.  The original paper documents will be destroyed 30 days after the documents are scanned.  The Commisioners and clerks will be working from the scanned documents inside and outside the courtroom.  A court calendar for use within the courtroom will be available on the day of court.


          This will be a major adjustment for all, but will prepare us for the implementation of eFiling on March 31, 2014.


          To make this transition easier for everyone, we are requesting assistance from you with the following:


ü     All documents filed and received must be legible

ü     Paper clip filings and pleadings, no staples required

ü     Page number the document, if more than one page

ü     If NCR paper is used, the type set must be very dark so that it will scan

ü     The ‘Filed Stamp’ date must be stamped in an open area on the document so that it is legible

ü     Black ink should be used rather than blue ink when completing and signing documents


Attorneys can sign up through the eFiling system to gain access to view the scanned documents on their cases. 






                                                                                    Joan M. Gilmer

                                                                                    Circuit Clerk


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