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bids and RFPs  Bids & RFP's

The Procurement Division in the Department of Administration is responsible for providing the necessary equipment, services and supplies at the lowest possible cost consistent with the quality needed to meet business requirements. 

Permits Permit Information
Building Permits are required for most construction work, and are how building codes are enforced to ensure safe and sound construction projects. Occupancy permits are required for changes in residential and commercial occupancy. St. Louis County Public Works has four locations to serve all areas of the County.
Licensing Business Licenses

The Licensing Division is responsible for administering a variety of licenses required within the County. Our staff is enthusiastic about providing assistance to anyone applying for licenses, whether it is a first application or regular renewal.

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Food & Restaurants
Our Safe Food Center includes information for food service professionals and consumers.

Demographic Information
Find information on the vibrant economy and diverse population of St. Louis County.