Great Streets Gravois Virtual Open House

Update on Great Streets Gravois Project: 

St. Louis County Department of Planning and Department of Transportation had been exploring the possibility lane reductions as one of many recommendations from the Great Streets Gravois Road study conducted last year.  Traffic engineers studied potential road impacts while planners held an open house and provided an online forum for information. Based on the feedback received, no consensus was reached, and therefore we are not moving forward with the lane reductions at this time.

“St. Louis County has recommended to the Missouri Department of Transportation not to reduce lanes on the stretch of Gravois Road in Affton as part of the resurfacing and restriping project currently underway. There is overwhelming support for improving pedestrian amenities including lighting and sidewalks. We will make sure those elements are included in future planning effort," County Executive Steve Stenger.

For those of you who were unable to attend the April 5th Open House at the Affton High School, below is a virtual open house, where we have the display boards/ handouts, and will have visualizations (forthcoming):

  • Polling results from the community meetings held in 2016: Polling Results Handout (pdf)
  • In order to have the space to add the amenities the Affton community told us they wanted during the public meetings last year, a lane reduction (road diet) is being proposed for a portion of the study area. When traveling east on Gravois Road (toward the City), the lane reductions are proposed to go from Elgin/Weber Rd. to the City limits (near Hannover Ave.).  If you are heading west on Gravois Road, the reduction would begin at Seibert Ave. and go to Elgin/Weber Rd. A traffic study completed by a consultant has determined that a lane reduction on this segment of Gravois Road will still allow traffic to flow in a safe and effective manner. For more information on lane reductions click here: What is a road diet (pdf)
  • What are the benefits of lane reductions? Click here to find out: Proposed Road Diet Benefits (pdf)
  • Improving the Gravois Road corridor will take a funding mechanism. One idea is to create a Community Improvement District (CID). For more details click here; What is a CID (pdf)
  • To see traffic volume data from the traffic study of the project area please click here
  • To see a video of traffic patterns under existing roadway conditions click here.
  • To see a video of traffic patterns under proposed lane reductions  click here.
Great Streets Gravois!

Gravois Road

What is the Great Streets program?

Rather than viewing a roadway project as solely a way to move more cars and trucks faster, the goal of the St. Louis Great Streets Initiative is to trigger economic and social benefits by centering communities around interesting, lively and attractive streets that serve all modes of transportation– in brief, building stronger communities.

8 characteristics that are found in a Great Street
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The Great Streets Gravois Road Project
Aerial Map of Gravois Road

In 2016 St. Louis County partnered with East-West Gateway and a team of consultants to study a portion of the Gravois Road corridor. The project/study limits for Gravois Road is from MacKenzie Road to River Des Peres Blvd. In early May three evening community meetings were held in and near the project corridor to share information and collect feedback from residents and business owners as to what improvements they would like to see along this portion of Gravois Road. Community-based focus groups were also assembled and met during the day and offered valuable input and direction to the project team.

Community Meeting Presentations and Polling Results

The project team compiled existing conditions information, market trends, and community input to formulate recommendations of how to make this segment of Gravois Road a great street.