Advisory Board Responsibilities and Duties

The St. Louis County Animal Care and Control Advisory Board was established March 10, 2015.  

611.250 Animal Care and Control Advisory Board - Establishment, Membership, Duties and Obligations.

1. There is hereby created an “Animal Care and Control Advisory Board” consisting of a department director designated by the County Executive and the Program Manager of Operations – Animal and Vector Control, each ex officio, and not more than fifteen (15) other members who shall be appointed by the County Executive and confirmed by the County Council.

The Board shall contain at least:

  1. One Missouri licensed veterinarian in good standing
  2. One law enforcement officer
  3. One animal behavior/training specialist
  4. Three representatives who are employed in non-profit animal welfare agencies
  5. One representative from a spay/neuter advocacy agency in St. Louis County
  6. One representative from a public sector animal shelter, one representative from an animal rescue group, and
  7. Other members of the St. Louis County community who are known to advocate for animal rights, care and treatment.

2. Appointed members shall serve at the pleasure of the County Executive and shall be compensated at the rate of $25 per meeting attended.

3. The Board shall annually elect one of its members Chairperson. The Board may annually elect another of its members Vice-Chairperson to serve as the acting chairperson in the event of the Chairperson’s absence.

4. The Board shall meet at least quarterly each year, during the months of January, April, July and October, and may hold such additional meetings from time to time as deemed necessary by the Chairperson or a majority of the Board. The time and place of meetings shall be determined by the Chairperson. The meetings shall comply with the notice and meeting provisions of Chapter 610 RSMo, as amended, and Chapter 114 SLCRO, as amended.

5. A majority of the Board shall constitute a quorum for transaction of business. The majority of the Board shall be determined by the number of appointed members on the Board at the time of the meeting.

6. The meetings shall follow Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised, 11th Edition.

7. The Board shall advise the County Executive and appropriate County departments on any matter it deems relevant related to animal services, care and treatment at County shelters and throughout St. Louis County, and shall review and make recommendations regarding ordinances related to animals. 

The Board shall advise the St. Louis County Animal Care and Control Program on matters pertaining to animal care and control related to the health, welfare and safety of animals and people in the community. 

The Board shall also advise the Program on strategic planning for animal care and control services in order to enhance enforcement capabilities; increase adoptions; encourage live release (claimed, rescued, and housed); expand public education (promote safe and healthy use of public spaces by pets and pet owners); and, spay and neuter campaigns.