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RadioChemistry Laboratory

Radiochemistry Laboratory
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Radiochemistry Laboratory



We serve as the primary testing laboratory for environmental radiation in all public drinking water supplies for the State of Missouri. 

We provide the same service for private citizens, well drillers, consultants, engineering firms for the following natural radionuclides such as Gross Alpha, Gross Beta, Radium-226, Radium-228 and Uranium.

You may inquire with the laboratory for other trace-level radionuclide testing needs.

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EPA - Environmental Protection Agency:

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Does drinking water have to be monitored for radioactivity?

Yes. Radionuclides are naturally present in all rocks and soil. Miniscule amounts leach into surface and ground water. The most common natural radionuclides found in water are radon-222, radium-226, radium-228, uranium-238, and uranium-234. The Federal EPA regulates the level of radionuclides in drinking water to levels considered safe under the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Why do we test for radionuclides in drinking water?

County ordinance mandates that its drinking water mirror Federal and State laws concerning the allowable amount of radioactivity in public drinking water. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources contracts our laboratory for regulatory testing of the State’s water supplies.

Does the EPA Safe Drinking Water Act regulate private well owners?

No, EPA does not have the authority to regulate private water supplies. The EPA Safe Drinking Water Act covers pubic drinking water systems, which are defined as publicly or privately-owned water sources that serve at least 25 people or 15 service connections for at least 60 days per year. For a fee, Missouri residents can have their private water tested by the Environmental Health Laboratories.

Where can I find data on Saint Louis County’s drinking water?

Public water supplies are required to make annual Consumer Confidence Reports available to their customers.

Annual Water Quality Report for St. Louis County:

Where can I find more information about radionuclide analyses for water?

EPA Radiation Protection

EPA Safe Drinking Water Act

EPA Ground Water & Drinking Water