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Food Instructions for Remodeling an Existing Food Establishment

Safe Food Center

  1. Submit the following for all remodeled establishments:
    • Submit one set of plans prepared by an architect or engineer
    • Completed Plan Review Application (accompanied by a $210 fee)
    • Equipment specification/cut sheets
  2. Upon completion of the plan review, you will receive written notification approving or denying the plans as submitted.
  3. Your establishment will receive a minimum of two (2) inspections. Prior to operating the remodeled area, a construction/plan review inspection will be conducted, by a Plan Review Engineer, at the establishment to ensure compliance with the Saint Louis County Food Code and the approved plans.
  4. An operational/opening inspection will be conducted by an Environmental Representative once construction/plan review approval is obtained. After this inspection is completed, your Environmental Representative will advise you if you are permitted to open.
  5. Approximate time for plan review and approval – 20 working days