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Maternal and Child Health Grant Services Program

Maternal and Child Health Grant

Enacted in 1935 as a part of the Social Security Act, the Title V Maternal and Child Health Program is the Nation’s oldest Federal-State partnership. For over 75 years, the Title V program has provided a foundation for ensuring the health of the Nation’s mothers, women, children and youth with special health care needs, and their families.


Our mission is to help improve the health of all mothers and children in Saint Louis County. Because mothers are an integral part of the health of each family member, we seek to equip and empower them with tools to achieve and maintain optimal health for themselves and their families. We strive to include fathers and other caregivers in maintaining the health of the family as well. We encourage communities to become involved with health promotion among their residents and local organizations to support the well-being of the people they serve.

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Women’s Health
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Children’s Health
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Community Partners

Community Partners:

Safe Kids St. Louis Generate Health
Infant Loss Resources