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What Is Public Health?
An overview of what public health is all about …

Public Health

Public health is the science and practice of protecting and improving the health of a community through a variety of means, including preventative medicine, health education, the control of communicable diseases, the application of sanitary measures, and the monitoring of environmental hazards.

The Healthiest Nation in One Generation

The American Public Health Association is running a campaign entitled “The Healthiest Nation in One Generation” and has created a video that illustrates what the campaign is all about:

The Saint Louis County Department of Public Health

The Saint Louis County Department of Public Health is the local extension of the national public health network. Operating under the direction of its mission and vision, its goals are the same as those of the broader national public health community. Its role in the local community is to work towards safety, disease prevention, access to healthcare services, the maintenance of a healthy environment, and the tracking of communicable diseases.