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Permits on Public Notice

Permits on Public Notice

Intermediate Operating Permits

Notice of documents available for public viewing:

Saint Louis County Public Health Department, Air Pollution Control Program

There are currently no Intermediate Operating Permits on public notice.

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Activities included in these permits are all activities involved in the operation of these sources with the potential for producing regulated quantities of regulated air pollutants.

Copies of the draft permits are available for public comment. Public files containing copies of all non-confidential materials and a copy or summary of other materials, if any, considered in this draft permit, are available:

  • For public viewing at the Saint Louis County Public Health Department, 6121 North Hanley Road, Berkeley, MO 63134;
  • By written request from the Air Pollution Control Program at the same address;
  • On this web page: See links to PDF files of the draft permits below.

(Any information deemed confidential business information pursuant to Missouri State Rule 10 CSR 10‑6.210, Confidential Information, if any exists, is not included in the public files. Emission data, as defined by this rule, cannot be considered confidential business information.)

The Air Pollution Control Program will hold an informal public hearing after an additional 30 day comment period on any draft permit if: 1) A timely request is made for such a hearing during the public comment period; and 2) The person requesting the hearing identifies material issues concerning the preliminary determination and the Air Pollution Control Program determines that a public hearing will be useful in resolving those issues.

This public notice is made pursuant to Missouri State Rule 10 CSR 10‑6.065, Operating Permits.

Draft Operating Permits: