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Environmental Lead Hazard Control Program

Prevention is Key (Part Two)

Tips for Renters:

Renters may request a lead inspection with or without the owner's permission. This inspection can be done by the health department or a private lead inspector. Owners will be notified about the inspection and the results. The kind of inspection will depend on your local laws and codes. Under new Missouri law, you can not be evicted because you requested a lead inspection.


Home Remodeling Guide:

Remodeling means fixing up your house or any part of it. This includes painting and replacing doors, windows, flooring, roofing or other parts. It also includes removing or moving walls.

A Step-by-step Guide to Remodeling:


Always plan for a lead inspection in the area you will remodel as a safety precaution. This inspection must be performed by a State-certified inspector. For a current list of State-certified inspectors, check the MDHSS website. If no lead is found, you can remodel without special precautions for lead.


If lead is found, decide if you or a State-certified contractor will take care of the lead. It is always recommended that lead only be disturbed by professionals with special training and equipment. For a current list of State-certified contractors, check the Lead Poisoning Help List. If you must do the work yourself, decide if you will remodel a small area or the whole house. Whenever any work that disturbs lead is done in a home, it is very important that all children and pregnant women leave the home during remodeling and cleanup.


The next important step is planning. Plan to keep lead dust in the work area and you will keep the lead dust from poisoning your family. This plan should be followed if you or a contractor disturbs the lead and includes:


Knowing exactly where the lead is.


Completely closing off the area with plastic.


Having all the equipment ready before you start.


Choosing the proper protective gear.


Thinking before you start. You must plan what to do if you need to use the rest room, if the phone rings, or somebody comes to your door. Imagine that there is a thick layer of wet red paint on the floor of the area you are remodeling. How will you avoid spreading this paint throughout your home?


Wearing a HEPA respirator. You must be in good health to wear a respirator and it should be professionally fitted.


Clearly post signs in areas where lead is being disturbed so that people do not accidentally walk in on you. The signs should read:





When remodeling, you are usually dealing with lead in paint or plaster.