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Handwashing 2007 Tobacco Free Calendar Contest

Missouri residents exceed the national norm for tobacco use, the most preventable cause of premature death in the United States. Twenty-four point one (24.1) percent of Missouri's adults smoke and 24.8 percent of Missouri's high school students smoke. Both of these rates are higher than those across the U. S. (20.9% of U. S. adults smoke; 21.7% of U. S. high school students smoke). In addition, 147,700 Missouri children under the age of 18 are projected to die prematurely from tobacco if current trends continue.

While adult smoking has generally been decreasing nationwide in recent years, these declines have slowed or stopped. In contrast, smoking among youth increased steadily throughout much of the 1990's. Although the national underage smoking rates have declined somewhat since 1997, they remain at high levels. In Missouri, 12,300 youth under age 18 become new smokers every single year.

In light of these alarming statistics, the Saint Louis County Department of Health sponsored a Tobacco Prevention Poster/Slogan Contest for County students in grades K-12. The purpose of the contest was to encourage students to spread tobacco-free messages to their peers. Nearly 2,500 entries were received and submitted in the contest. Each of the winners received a $25 gift card valid at any Westfield Shoppingtown. This calendar highlights the top 13 winning entries.

Thank you to the D.A.R.E. officers, teachers and school faculty who assisted in announcing the contest to students. The contest gave us an opportunity to collaborate in the effort to educate our youth and prevent tobacco use. We would like to give a special thanks to all of the contest participants for their creative artwork and anti-tobacco messages.

The Saint Louis County Department of Health offers:


Consultations and resources on tobacco education and prevention for schools and community groups. Call (314) 615-0555 for more information.


Educational materials for health fairs, public events and festivals.


Information about all forms of tobacco use, including secondhand smoke.


Referrals to resources and speakers on tobacco prevention.

(Sources of Information: Tobacco's Toll in the USA and Missouri: National Center for Tobacco-Free Kids, 2004)

2007 Tobacco Free Calendar Winners:

Student Grade School District Month
Jessica Saxe 5th Oak Brook Elementary Parkway Cover
Steph Grosch 6th LaSalle Springs Middle School Rockwood January
Natasha Lopez 4th Green Trails Elementary Parkway February
Rocky Lochhaas 8th Bernard Middle School Mehlville March
Riley Quinn Hirsch 3rd Wedgwood Elementary Ferguson-Florissant April
Anna Gaffney 5th Salem Lutheran School May
Elijah Patterson 4th Wedgwood Elementary Ferguson-Florissant June
Enrique Contreras 3rd Wild Horse Elementary Rockwood July
Abby Kuhn 2nd North Glendale Elementary Kirkwood August
Emily Ruskey 6th LaSalle Springs Middle School Rockwood September
Dominique Wilson 8th Hazelwood West Middle School Hazelwood October
Misha Stone 9th Rockwood Summit High School Rockwood November
Cristal Cosey 10th McCluer South-Berkeley High School Ferguson-Florissant December


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