STL County Prepares Mobile App

St. Louis County Prepares App   

"St. Louis County Prepares App"
Download Your St. Louis County Community
Preparedness App

1. From your mobile device, go to:

2. Select "App Store" if you're using an
    iPhone or "Google Play" if you're using
    an Android smartphone

3. Click on 

4. Launch the app

Mobile App Screen Shot Mobile App Screen Shot 2 Mobile App Screen Shot

Meeting Place Screen Shot Out of Town Screen Shot Status Update Screen Shot

Mobile App Confirmation Mobile App Dashboard Mobile App Emergency Supply Kit

You will be prompted to answer these "5" simple questions:

1. How many people in your household
2. Pets in your household
3. An emergency meeting place
4. An out of town contact
5. With whom you would like to share your status and emergency plan

That is it! Now that your plan is complete, start gathering items to build your
Emergency Supply Kit!

You are well on your way to better preparedness!