The Academy Challenge Video

The St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy has uploaded its introductory video, The Academy Challenge, to YouTube on the St. Louis County Government channel. The video, designed as a recruitment tool for the Academy and the agencies it serves, presents an overview of the Academy philosophy, curriculum and admissions procedures. Anyone who wishes to see more about the Academy and the challenges and benefits it offers can view the video here. The message is upbeat and realistic, and aimed at candidates interested in "the best, not the easiest" entry to the world of law enforcement.

The Academy Challenge 2011

The eleven-minute video is available on DVD, free of charge, to any law enforcement agency in St. Louis County, as well as to other organizations which could use the video for educational or job-counseling purposes.

To obtain a copy of the video - The Academy Challenge 2011 - contact us at the address or telephone number below, or click here to email a request.

Sorry, we are unable to honor video requests from individual applicants.

St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy

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