Continuing Education Tuition Program

The most economical way to pay for Continuing Education is to become a tuition-paying member of the St. Louis County and Municipal Police Academy Continuing Education Program. For a nominal yearly fee—currently $125 per officer for departments in St. Louis County and $175 per officer outside of the County—the officers will have access to all training provided by the CMPA for the Continuing Education Programs, as well as specialized classes advertised as no cost to CMPA members, and computer training.

Dispatcher training can be paid by an annual fee of $50 per dispatcher. Again all CMPA telecommunications programs, specialized courses advertised as no cost to CMPA members, and computer training classes are included.

The CMPA also offers Specialized Security Officer training, which is handled under its own system. Information on that can be obtained by downloading this PDF document.

Extra costs for some classes, beyond the seat cost, are not covered by the tuition payment. These are typically classes where there are extra materials or equipment costs. Co-host classes, where the Academy is acting only as a hosting agency, are not covered by the tuition payment and the seat cost is usually paid directly to the provider of the training.

Tuition payment also allow the use of the fitness center, track and computer lab during academy hours. All individual officers’ training records will be kept on file at the CMPA and reports are available whenever needed by the department.

Departments may opt to pay individual costs for classes—typically $50 per class per day though some classes are more—but tuition-paying departments get priority seating. Given the wide variety of courses offered by the CMPA, and the ability of each officer to take as many classes as his or her department wishes, most departments see the nominal cost of the tuition as the “best training deal in town.”

Please note that under this tuition-paying program, only full time officers commissioned or certified reserve officers may attend the classes. Should a department wish to send part-time officers or non-certified reserve officers, they will be charged the full cost of the individual programs.

Of course, all officers and/or dispatchers that attend the CMPA will be subject to all academy rules and regulations, and they can be dismissed from any class for egregious failure to abide by them. If this happens, there will be no remission of tuition payment, or refund of individual class payment.

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